Because of technology, we are now able to do a lot of things that seemed impossible not too long ago. Before, communicating with your friends and loved ones who lived thousands of miles away was hard and expensive. Nowadays, it can be done whenever, wherever, however you want, as you can use your laptops or smart phones to connect to the internet, which is relatively cheap and easily accessible than twenty years ago.

Who uses technology?

Technology is used by almost everyone for everything. In the medical industry, it has opened the doors to faster and accurate diagnosis of diseases and illnesses. In the government, it has allowed easier storage, relay, and exchange of data. In businesses, it has promoted more efficient management of tasks and duties, resulting to more sales and profits. In the academe, it has given scientists and researchers quick and easy access to useful resources that have information on their fields of study. In regular people’s homes, it has made family recreational and bonding time more fun and enjoyable.

How are tech gadgets and devices used today?

There are many different kinds of technological devices and gadgets that we use today.

We have desktop and laptop computers that are equipped with powerful microchips to enable various tasks and functions for data storage, analysis, and processing. We also have their portable counterparts: smart phones and tablets, which are often sold with a stand to use on your desk, for hands-free, more convenient use when on a video call or watching a movie.

Technology’s reach extends further, even to our home designs and decors. It is now quite common to find houses with high-tech security systems installed and it’s recommended to install certain security systems to increase the safety and the value of your home. With how dangerous some neighborhoods can be, it only makes sense for homeowners to amp up their home security with modern devices, such as motion-sensors, automatic lighting, emergency door and window locks, and surveillance cameras that can all be controlled by a few button pushes on your smart phone or computer, even while you are on a vacation halfway around the world.

What are the disadvantages of the modern technology era?

Despite having a long list of advantages to offer, technology also has its downsides.

Prolonged use of computer, smart phones, and other gadgets can lead to disorders that affect the eyes, back, neck, shoulders, hands, and wrists. Therefore, learn to use them in moderation to not put yourself in this terrible situation. Take a break every hour or so to stretch your body, close your eyes for a few minutes, and clear your mind.

The internet has also become a venue for wrongdoers to take advantage of other people’s personal information, hacking passwords, stealing identities, and breaking into confidential data and records.

“Programming? That’s for nerds, man!”

That’s probably the first thing that popped up in your mind when you hear about learning to tweaking and programming your drones. Fair enough. But after you see the reasons why you should learn programming, it is my hope that your viewpoint changes.

Why is that? Because, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a nerd to be a programmer. More and more people without a lick of programming knowledge have gone on to create best-selling mobile applications. It’s getting easier and easier to be a programmer more than it’s ever been.

Especially if you’re a drone enthusiast.

There are a multitude of drone options out there for every price point and for every skill level. However, you do not need to purchase the very best rc quadcopter you can own just to get into the programming side of things; you may very well experiment with an affordable model such as the Hubsan X4 to perfect your flying and to learn how to tweak them.

I’ll show you just why you should consider learning to program.

Programming Code for Drones is Fun. No, Seriously.

If you think you’ve known all there is to know about your drones, multicopters, and quadcopters, you’re very wrong: learning how to program is a whole new world filled with challenges to exercise your mental faculty as it relates to your love for drones. For instance, you could learn how to program your drones so that you can stabilize its flight patterns. You can also develop a web application to send commands to your drone while it is in flight. Lastly, you can process GPS and video data from a mobile application. There’s a wealth of information and communities out there discussing this brave new world; you just need to know where to knock.

Learning to Program is a Life Skill.

There’s no better time to learn coding than it is now. It doesn’t have to be a skill whose learning curve ends when you learn how you can integrate it with your knowledge of drones. Now it may seem daunting when you think about how many programming languages exist in the world of computing, but for drones, all you’ll probably ever have to do is learn Python. Alternatively, VHSIC Hardware Description Language or Verilog will be very useful programming languages in the context of drone programming.

You Will Learn How to Design and Develop YOUR Own Drones.

If you are a drone enthusiast with a keen interest in the technical aspects of drones and not just flying and taking photos with them, this is probably the reason that is going to sell you into learning programming. What is cooler than making your own flying robots and live out the fantasies of your MechWarrior and Star Wars childhood days? Programming is an essential step in assembling your very own drone. Luckily, there are vibrant communities of DIY drone fanatics all over the internet who are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. What are you waiting for?

It’s not as hard as you think it is, or as simple as some people make it out to be; as with any discipline, you need to take the first step and stay on the course.