We’ve seen a gradual yet dramatic shift from analog home appliances and fixtures to the fully interconnected home of the future through the Internet of Things. Light bulbs and lighting solutions aren’t spared from this ongoing revolution. More and more households have ditched the antiquated, wasteful, and expensive incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions we all are accustomed to.

Just like intelligent appliances such as thermostats and remote controls that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth through smartphones, the same is becoming the norm for our lighting systems – they are designed to be the best way to control your lighting for maximum efficiency and economy.

It goes without mentioning that there will naturally be a dearth of choices out there in the market today – after all, smart lightbulbs are fast becoming a fixture in our homes.

So why are smart lighting solutions taking over? What is their place in our homes? Why should we even consider buying them? Which ones should we consider?

These questions, and more, are what we aim to explain further through this article. Let’s get right to them!

1. Automated Brightness Control

The days of dimmer switches (which can be expensive) are over – all you will need to do is to install smart lightbulbs in all your lighting fixtures such as your lamps, shades, and even your chandeliers for easy control with a smartphone app.

2. Remote-Controlled Goodness

Belkin and GE, among other manufacturers, have devised smart lightbulbs that can be controlled wherever you are, as long as you have the corresponding app to do so – perfect for those long vacations when your home looks totally empty.

3. Mood Lighting in an Instant

We’ve talked about mood lighting and dimming in an instant, but what about changing colors in a snap? Philips and Flux Smart have devised lightbulbs that can turn into millions of colors at one tap. Amplify the mood you want to express with all these colors in just a millisecond.

4. The Perfect Ambience with Music? Yes, You Can

If the first 3 weren’t reasons enough for you to invest in smart lighting solutions, perhaps this one will – they can even play music thanks to their built-in speakers. This will increase the value of your home. Do you want to make the perfect mix of light and sound for your party? Then the smart lightbulb is definitely made for you.

5. Sleep Well with Lighting

Light is a fundamental director of sleep patterns; bright lights will affect melatonin production and hence may disrupt your sleep patterns, but choosing a soothing, relaxing and sleep-promoting color temperature can do just as much as total darkness when trying to catch your beauty sleep. More and more lightbulbs have taken advantage of this feature, given the fact that more and more people have started to work in shifting schedules – this feature is perfect for night shift workers and night owls who absolutely need good sleep in the mornings and afternoons.

In Summation

It’s obvious that smart lighting solutions are the way of the future. They are a testament to the intelligence and resourcefulness of humans when it comes to researching and developing new technologies to make life easier for all of us who live in this planet – and in turn, reduce the carbon footprint we all desperately need to do to ensure the planet’s survival in the face of numerous challenges it has been burdened with.

As a homeowner, you will be faced with many different home improvement projects as soon as you first step into your house. Depending on your budget, you will need to pick which ones to prioritize and which ones will have to wait.

1. Doors

Check all the doors in your home — front door, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, basement door, and so on — to find out which ones are squeaky or need some repairing. Old doors tend to stick, bind, and sag, and, oftentimes, it is more cost-effective to just replace them instead of repairing them.

2. Floors

Floors can be laminate, carpet, tile, hardwood, or stone. Each type requires a different method for fixing that may cost you between a few hundreds and several thousand bucks.

In general, laminate floors are the cheapest and do not significantly increase your house’s value, but they offer a number of benefits, such as durability, stain resistance, and easy installation. The other types are usually costlier and also offer several benefits, and they are much better options when it comes to adding value to your house should you decide to sell.

3. Walls

Your walls can be improved by using either wallpaper or paint. Both have a list of pros and cons, and you can make a choice according to your taste and preference.

Painting the walls can be done on your own. It is up to you to decide what color of paint to use, and then you just need to gather the necessary materials, such as primer paint, rollers, brushes, and paint, to get started. On the other hand, putting up wallpaper can also be done on your own. Good quality ones are more expensive but they are quite durable, resistant to wear and tear, and can easily be scrubbed for cleaning.

4. Garage

grage door openerFor your garage, consider installing an electric garage door system. Read some electric garage door system reviews to find out which will work best for you, as you’ll learn that they offer better security, motion-activated lights, rolling codes, and other high-tech features. It can also provide better protection against bad weather and is very energy efficient.

5. Windows

If your house has seen many years, it might be time to get new windows for it. Windows provide protection for your home, keep the warmth sealed in during the cold days, and more, so it is important that they are in good condition to be able to properly perform these tasks.

Some popular window styles to choose from are the single hung, double hung, slider, casement, and awning windows. They can be made of different materials, such as vinyl, glass, wood, and metal.

If you have plenty of money to spend, you will not have a difficult time at all in choosing the best apartment for rent. And if money wasn’t an issue at all, you can probably even consider buying your own property than just renting one out. However, if are only looking for a rental and you want to be practical, don’t just choose randomly simply because it looks nice. There are many factors to consider to ensure that you won’t be regretting your choice. To help you out, here are some tips that you can keep in mind.

1. Price, Payment Options and Length of Stay Required

First and foremost, you need to look at the price of the apartment. Usually, this will already narrow down your choices depending on what you can afford. Say your budget is $700 for a month’s rent, then look for apartments that are priced at $700 or less. Do not be tempted to go beyond your budget. Consider the payment options too. Will you be able to afford it if the landlord requires you to pay 6 months in advance? Lastly, find out the length of stay required. Some landlords require a year’s stay in an apartment. If you think that you will be moving out in less than a year, try to negotiate early on or look for another place instead. This will prevent contract breach problems that may arise in the future.

2. Contract Terms and Conditions

If you can go ahead and press “I agree” on lengthy terms and conditions when signing up for an email account or for a social media account, your apartment’s contract terms and conditions must be read thoroughly. If you sign it, it means you agree with it.

3. Apartment Location

Now the location is very important too. Aside from the fact that you need a place where it’s convenient to travel to and from work, check the neighborhood too. Is it safe? Will there be someone you can trust who lives nearby? Is a grocery or a pharmacy close to the apartment? All these must be considered too unless you don’t mind shopping for food only once every one or two weeks to save you from travelling far.

4. Apartment Features

Garbage DisposalWhether or not an apartment is fully furnished, look at the apartment’s features too. Is the shower spacious enough? Is the toilet working? Does the kitchen sink have a garbage disposal or will you have to install this yourself? Is there a cable, phone and Internet company available to install lines to your apartment? Better check these things now and ask these questions to the landlord before making your decision.

5. Apartment Complex Amenities and Facilities

Lastly, check on the amenities and facilities around the apartment complex. There should be at least a handyman that you can call on if there’s any problem in your apartment. Is there a park or garden area where you can walk your dog? Is there a swimming pool that you can use? Is there a laundry area? Check these and if everything seems acceptable, then go ahead and make your decision.

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