Artificial IntelligenceThe smart home that you have come to love and appreciate today has a strong foundation in artificial intelligence. The influence of computational intelligence in research and developing such smart devices – from the smart thermometer in your house to the smartphone you’re using to read this article – is unmistakable. Even the most minute components of certain home appliances, smart or otherwise, owes a lot to these little powerhouses. Just imagine the amount of research that goes into creating a machine that allows you mopping and cleaning with damp pads at your convenience. It may seem trivial to some, but it is noteworthy in all aspects.

Owing to the strides made in artificial intelligence, the home has become almost entirely automated where timer control systems are embedded in devices that offer light, ventilation, heat, home appliances, and even our entertainment systems. The purpose of these artificially intelligent devices is to provide you a higher level of security than you are used to, more comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency in your home. Because people are inherently lazy, artificial intelligence has completely revolutionized how people approach daily tasks or chores and how they live. Here are 5 reasons how artificial intelligence has changed the way we live – among the myriad of others.

Improved All-Around Security

Back in the old days, you would need to have a lot of money to secure and install a state of the art security system in your household. Even when you were able to afford it, the quality of the videos you acquired was often unclear, but today, with easy to install security systems that can be monitored remotely on your phone or computer, your own safety is automatically heightened.

State Of The Art Temperature Control

Traditionally, programmable and non-programmable thermostats had to be controlled and programmed manually. However, nowadays, smart and wi-fi enabled thermostats can allow you to control your temperature, and you do not have to be in the room to do it. The artificial intelligence technology allows programming on a smartphone or tablet whether you are across a room or in another part of the world.

High Technology Lighting Systems

Artificial intelligence has also changed the lighting. If for example, you went away on a long vacation and realized that you left some of your lights on, you would be able to turn them off remotely with the help of an app. The artificial intelligence technology used in lights also enables you to create the illusion of being home when you are away, which prevents robberies.

Premium Entertainment Experience

Smart TVs enable users to stream popular TV shows in high definition without the need of connecting specialty devices that allow the TV to work on particular platforms. Because of the smart technology, TVs now offer better viewing quality than before.

Cutting Edge Home Appliances

The number of available home appliances out there can be dizzying. The list ranges from smart devices such as smart dishwashers, steam cleaners, robotic cleaners, as well as smart fridges and freezers. Smart devices have completely revolutionized the way we live in the contemporary society.